When creating your outdoor living space its exciting to think about how you are going to use the space. Its important to make sure there is enough seating and places to gather around but also making everything flow together perfectly. Typically  we have these get togethers in the evenings, or as the sun is starting to set. But i find one accent that some times gets overlooked but can make a world of difference is out door lighting. Landscape lighting not only shows off all of your beautiful stonework but also makes your gathering spaces much safer as well. We want our guests to be able to move around comfortably and a walkway with lighting accents can do just that. When it comes to choosing a lighting design there is so many options to choose from. Lighting fixtures come in all types of shapes and sizes. While one fixture can be used to sit on top of a pillar another one might be recessed under a stair tread to be a little more concealed. I also install landscape lighting in and around our pond less waterfalls. Thats right they have lights that are completely submergible as well. Adding these lights to your landscape allows you to enjoy and see it like never before. Some of our lighting techniques are


  • Accent Lighting: Creates scenes mimicking the natural affects of moonlight within trees or highlights architectural features of your property. 
  • Accent Uplighting: By shining a light upward to illuminate an object or surface for dramatic, attention getting visuals. We use this technique quite often and can be offset with down lighting as well. A tree, home or a special part of a project like a pillar is great for this.
  • Grazing: will add depth and dimension to your stonework by having the light expose different shadows because of a materials inconsistencies on its surface.
  • Shadowing: Is used to project the look of a tree or your favorite piece of art onto a surface behind the object. So instead of lighting an object it is quite the opposite. We are showing off the shadows of a trees branches onto a home for example.
  • Silhouette Lighting: Calls out an interesting shape by lighting a vertical surface behind the object to accent a unique shape.
  • Mirror Lighting: Is used to create dream like water scenes be strategically lighting back ground areas around bodies of water. By using some of these techniques we can make your property come alive at night. Typically it is best to do these installations before or during the construction phases. Which is why i always suggest planning ahead. 






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