How to choose between a Fire pit or Fireplace.

When we think of a back yard patio a few things come to mind. Either a summer weekend grilling out doors or possibly enjoying a warm cup of coffee early in the morning listening to the birds. But the one thing that definitely comes to mind is those get togethers with family and friends around a fire. There is just something about those evenings when we get to kick back and relax under the stars. Maybe roast some marshmallows with the kids or share a glass of wine with a loved one. At the end of the day a fire will bring people together. It is a great way to open up and talk about your day or maybe even share a spooky story. We know sitting around a fire is always fun but since there are so many options what is the best way to enjoy it? I have listed some of the pros and cons of both a fire place and a fire pit to help. While either one is a great choice it is important to find the one that best fits your lifestyle and landscape. 

Choosing a Fireplace

  • Seating. Enjoy intimate seating on one side of the structure, ideal for small groups or romantic settings. While this stimulates relaxing conversation and ambiance, it also requires additional seating. 
  • Perspective. The structure will become a magnificent focal point in your outdoor space, but its size also obstructs views, creating privacy from neighbors, or a blockade against surrounding scenes.
  • Safety. The enclosed fireplace blocks the wind from guests as well as the lit fire, and provides additional safety around the flame while redirecting bothersome smoke.
  • Cost. While fireplaces offer more decorative opportunities, they are priced significantly higher, and come with a list of permits, regulations, and inspections.


Choosing a Fire Pit

  • Seating. Entertain a group of any size with 360 degrees of flexible seating where guests can face each other for better social interaction.
  • Perspective. These low-to-the-ground structures won’t obstruct surrounding views, so they are best placed among an enjoyable scene where privacy is not an issue.
  • Safety. A fire pit offers a better view of the flame, but is more vulnerable to wind and misguided smoke and embers, making it more difficult to enjoy the fire in windy weather.
  • Cost. Fire pits are a significantly cheaper investment, but will require attention during use and may have restrictions in your area.

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