Ponds have always been a popular choice when adding something special to the landscape. Just thinking about steams and waterfalls right in your own backyard is exciting. The moving water can drown out street traffic or instantly help you relax. But the idea of maintaining a pond seems to discourage more and more people from getting involved. Most families have pets or even small children and the thought of a pond can be troublesome. Unless you’re a huge koi enthusiast i would recommend a different approach. Pondless water falls allow you to have all of the same features with out any of the headaches. Those features like winding streams and waterfalls is what makes this so appealing to us in the first place. The premise is still the same. You have a pump at the lowest point of the feature that returns the water back to the top where it can spill back into the stream recirculating itself. Pondless waterfalls are virtually maintenance free. Which makes it an attractive option if you travel a lot as well. No worrying about fish being safe, fed or what happens to them if the power goes out.  Automated lighting can even be incorporated into them so they can be enjoyed in the evening. They also bring a very natural element to your outdoor living space. Large boulders and beautiful plants working together can make you feel like you stepped out into your own little paradise. Experience nature right in your own backyard. All kinds of birds and butterflies will be excited to to see your new creation. We can even help make it even more sustainable by redirecting rain water from gutters into it. Saving even more on maintenance and water costs. So if you’re going to consider adding a new feature to your landscape thats fun, interactive and safe for everyone consider a pond less waterfall!

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