So today i wanted to talk about another hardscape hack that i use in the field. When it comes to building patios or walkways not everyone wants a big square in the middle of the yard. Thats the fun when building a paver patio is creating a unique design that was meant for the customers specific needs. But often times drawing some thing on paper is the easy part. Anyone can build a patio on paper. But what do you do when it comes time to making what was drawn a reality? After asking what a customer might being using the space for and listening to their ideas and materials they might consider i come up with a concept plan. But how do i go from that concept to completion? After all the excavation is done and footing is installed and sand is screened and everything is pitching in the right way all the pavers have been laid down how do i get the patio to look like my concept? Well one tip i use is plastic paver edging. Paver edging is a restraint used on the outside edge of a patio or walkway. So that means i already have it on the site anyway! No additional purchase to make my life easier. So as you can see this stuff is pretty flexible, and that a good thing. Because that means its a great way to lay on to a patio and get a real look at what i can do to create a curve.  This patio had a lot going on. There are circles that had to be perfect. A big outside curve and a couple 90 degree corners. And i was able to make it all possible with some plastic edging. So once i have this edging right where i want it, all i have to do is hold it in place and scribe it with a pencil! Now I’m able to remove the stones 1 by 1 and cut them where i marked and install this beautiful border. Then when all the cuts are made i have the edging to install. Its a win win. The edging gets held into place with 10″ metal spikes that are pounded into the over prepped area. There are many ways you can go about marking a patio but i find this technique very useful and its never let me down. If i don’t like the way it looks i can move it out a little there or pull it in a little here. Double check all my measurements and cut once. Hopefully this tip makes sense to you and feel free to ask any questions id be happy to hear from you. 


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