When it comes to planning your next hardscape project utilizing the off season such as winter is a great time to do it. We often times over look a very important part of a projects installation and that is the planning stage. There are many possibilities and options to consider when we are planning. Things such as what are you planning on using the space for? Or is the size of my project going to be large enough to host the amount of guests that come to your annual get together? These are some options we will discuss when it comes to the planning phase of your hardscape project. Some of you may have purchased a shed in the past for example and by the time it was delivered and used you might have realized the next size up would have been the better option. This is something we want to avoid. Utilizing seating walls are a great way to add usable seating areas with out increasing the square feet of a patio and avoiding more chairs for seating as well. Planning also involves what type of landscape will be incorporated into the design. Whether or not to use natural stone or perhaps a paver. Since each Home or Business is unique we want to make sure that when everything is complete it is safe, beautiful and functional to your needs. 

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