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Beaudoin Stonescape offers a wide variety of services to meet our customers needs. We will work with you every step of the way. Our qualified team can give expert advice and guidance on finding the optimal solution that is right for you. Some of the projects we can help you with include: retaining walls, seating walls, benches, fireplaces & firepits, patios, walkways, landscape boulders, planter beds, mailboxes, stairs curbing, driveways, letting & carving, pillars, drainage solutions & much more!

Patios & Outdoors Living Spaces

The best way to get the most usable space out of your home is to add a patio. Patios are outdoor entertainment spaces that are often constructed alongside or behind a home.

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Walkways primarily allow people to travel from one point of the property to another. By directing foot traffic they serve as guides where people should go. This is why a walkways design and material choice is a critical consideration.

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can serve many uses. By retaining soil they can create usable outdoor space. A low wall may be used as a planting bed or aid in seating around a patio. A stair case incorporated into a wall can allow access to different elevations on a property as well.

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Add stylish and practical touches to your out door space with the use of stairs. From a simple step to a winding stair case built from stone we can frame your front entry way or allow a more flowing passage through your landscape.

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Fire Pits & Fireplaces

A fire pit extends your ability to stay outdoors through out the seasons later into the evening. It provides a sense of relaxation with out leaving home. Friends and family will share old memories while creating new ones around a fire.

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Hardscape Accents

There are many ways we can accent your landscape. And we have chosen this category to show you some of the various ways we can do just that. When we are enhancing a design we will incorporate different key elements to bring an out door space to life.

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Beaudoin Stonescapes Hand Crafted Veneer

Beaudoin Stonescapes handcrafted stone veneer consists of beautiful and durable weathered and quarried naturally occurring stones. We use stones that are native to New England when creating our stone veneer.

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Ponds & Water Gardens

Adding a water feature to your landscape can become very rewarding. There are many reasons why to consider installing one. Some of the benefits can be cutting down on street noise, taking advantage of a wasted space in the yard, relaxation or fulfilling a love of water.

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Creative Drainage Solutions

When designing a hardscape project one of the first things we have to take into consideration is any possible water issues that might be present. Water can erode landscape beds, cause retaining walls to fail and even cause unnecessary flooding in basements.

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