In the hardscape industry I’m always asked this question when bidding a project. What is the difference between pavers and stamped concrete? While stamped concrete is a less expensive option it seems to have the same appearance as a paver patio. So why invest in something that looks similar but costs more? Well it goes beyond the surface to really see what the difference is. At the end of the day a patio made of concrete is just that. Concrete cracks, the installing companies will try to use controlled cracking methods to prevent what you see in this picture below but it is all to common. Paver products on the other hand is like a patio that has been woven together by individual pieces. What does this mean? Well if your patio/walkway for some reason results in some type of settling whether this is concrete or pavers they will both react very differently. A Paver patio may be taken apart fixed and placed back together, and you wouldn’t even know there was an issue. This is also the case if you wanted to add onto your project perhaps. Concrete on the other hand will react very similar to the picture provided. And unfortunately there is no repairing it with out it looking like a patch job unless you start completely over. So why not get it right the first time. With pavers durability factor and the variety of hundreds of styles, colors and different patterns with huge ranges in costs that meet everyones price needs this is why we choose pavers over stamped concrete.

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